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This. is. us.

This photography is an Okotoks-based studio operated by husband and wife team Dan Kurz (photographer) and Naomi Kurz (photoshoot assistant). We founded This photography to offer something new and unique to portrait photography.


Our focus is truly on the
craft of photography.


We have spent countless hours mastering the technical aspects of photography and cinematic lighting. I have been a photographer and photography educator for 12 years. With a history as a special effects artist, I draw from my artistic side to design images using unique color, light, and perspective. We strive to make our shoots fun, relaxed and engaging. The end result is custom artwork that draws the eye and showcases the individual.

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This. is. our.process.

Our sessions start with a consultation where we discuss the story we want to tell. This includes locations, wardrobe and a light design. This will help us create a compelling but cohesive final product. On the day of the shoot, we will bring a full studio lighting system to you. Our lighting style ensures we capture all the color and detail that makes our images unique. Typical sessions run about an hour to 90 min.

Within a week of the shoot, you will receive a link to your gallery where you can select your images for editing. Once selects are made, we then retouch and edit your images to our signature style. Nothing is automated, your images are literally crafted by hand.

Once the images are done, you can download them from your gallery in stunning high resolution. We can also print your large prints for you to ensure the color captured during the shoot is reflected in the print.

Thank you This Photography Okotoks!  We were looking for something a little different in a family photo and there are a lot of us to work with!  The fact that you created such a beautiful creation with an age range from 5 months, toddlers to us old ones  is a small miracle in itself.  Our entire family was so impressed with the quality of photo proofs we received.  They are really works of art.  Your attention to detail and special effects sets our photos apart from anything we have ever had done in the past.  It’s so easy to find space on our walls for these family shots as they stand out so beautifully.   From Grad, to Out Door Rink, to sports profiles,  to family photos, you provide such a unique perspective on photography and the preservation of family memories.  I look forward to more opportunities to work with you in the future.  I would also like to mention that I appreciate that your rates are very competitively priced, making it affordable for all budgets.  Thank you from our hearts,

If you want photos that you can be proud of, use Dan and This photography. Dan uses lighting, and editing to create pictures that are unique and like nothing you have ever seen before.

Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram ready!  Our club will only use Dan for all of our photography.

Michelle Porteous

Director Rampage Volleyball Club

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